13 May

Hate filled Oklahoma

Some years ago (2008 I believe) Oklahoma finally got the lottery.  This was a huge deal for the state.

You see, as we’re the buckle (or the shit-stain) of the bible belt, this state is against anything deemed sacrilegious.  What that actually means is that the state feels they have the right to legislate morality.

What this also means is that Oklahoma is one of the most hypocritical and hate-filled states in the country.  To be fair, most of the reason is because we have a large number of ignorant, uneducated citizens.  Education drives knowledge; knowledge drives understanding and tolerance (for the most part).

A local social weekly ran an article a year after implementation of the lottery and found that the counties who opposed the lottery the most were the counties spending the most on lottery tickets!  Like this was a surprise.  Like I said: hypocritical.

So it did not surprise me when I saw this graphic on Mashable this morning.

Courtesy Mashable.com: http://mashable.com/2013/05/13/geography-of-hate/

Courtesy Mashable.com: http://mashable.com/2013/05/13/geography-of-hate/

You see that red spot on the west central part of Oklahoma?  That’s one of the most religious counties in the state…..and they’re the ones spewing out a lot of Twitter hate!

It seems Tulsa has some hate issues too but what really surprises me is that Oklahoma City is basically clean.  I guess the thumpers in this city just aren’t Tweeting about it.  They’d rather beat up homosexuals outside hipster bars!

Anyway, read the Mashable article to see how the map was put together.

Oh yeah, get off the couch and run!

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